Our vision at FinsQ Tech is to build AI and leverage the expertise of our amazingly skilled accountants to automate manual work while providing our clients and partners with an exceptional experience. We'll handle the bookkeeping, so you can do more of what you love.

case Studies

Now your Business is just a click away! Akounter provides you with a complete Business Solution which works online, So save yourself the clutter for carrying the laptop everywhere. Akounter is a product that records and processes accounting transactions and allows you to manage your customers and invoices, all at one place.

Sept 04, 2019

Inventory is an Accounting term that refers to goods that are in various stages of being made ready for sale. We created an inventory website, which would help your customer to keep a track of when will they receive their ordered item. Here you need to update the current stage at which the item have reached such as Packing Stage, Shipped, Out for delivery, etc. Now just like the Big Business tycoon you can also have your own CRM for the betterment of your business.

Sept 04, 2019

It's a big hitch for the schools and universities to manage the data of students and convey information to them. Currently majority of them maintain data over an excel sheet and convey messages by sending bulk of mails. To conquer that we developed a Student Management System which is a website that works on local server of the organization. Where one have to just login to see his/her details.

Sept 04, 2019

How does it benefit us

It is obvious that automated accounting is already advantageous since it is a solution to some of the problems discussed already in this post. Here are some other advantages of accounting automation you may have not thought about or realized yet.

  • It is Big on Saving Time
  • The Systems are Adaptable
  • Integration of Financial Institution and Payment
  • Organization and Storage
  • Proper Analytics and Reports
  • Security
  • Your Books are Always Ready for Tax Time

The environment pushes for a sustainable solution in the financial and accounting department and accounting automation is a practical solution

The success of a business is dependent on a healthy financial model. All too often entrepreneurs with amazing vision, tremendous passion, and the tenacity and drive needed to succeed end up risking it all but don’t have the necessary financial tools needed to succeed. Instead, their bookkeeping and accounting lets them down with slow or delayed reporting, limited analytics, and issues with accuracy that cause awesome businesses to fall victim to cash flow challenges, slipping margins, or slowed revenue growth.

We realize the primary issue with bookkeeping was the humans in the middle tasked with doing the work: tedious, manual, and repetitive data entry combined with visualization and analytics of that data. Human error, unexpected life events, a need to sleep, and a lack of scalability make humans very inefficient at bookkeeping. However, if we could replace the human with robot-like software, we might be able to solve this dilemma.

Here are a couple of the other changes you can expect when you start automating accounting.

  • Outsourced Accounting Can Reach More Customers: Because the routine parts of the accounting job will be faster and easier, outsourced accounting companies will be able to reach more clients without upgrading their staff. That, in turn, means more businesses can have access to quality accounting services.

  • Value-Based Pricing Will Become the Industry Standard: Automation reduces the time it takes to finish work for a client, which makes it difficult to charge hourly. Instead, practices are switching to value-based pricing methods. This is a good thing.

Your Books are Always Ready for Tax Time

Automated bookkeeping is updated as your business operates. With real-time accounting taking place every second you’re in operation, you never have to worry about putting in information after transactions have happened.


Accounting automation comes with encryption and highly advanced security features. The systems guarantee the maximum protection of your data and records.

It is Big on Saving Time

There is no surprise here. Accounting automation makes entering credit, debit, client, and other financial data quick and easy. The software will then perform the duty of processing the information and relating it to all other pertinent records in the system.