FinsQ Tech offers end-to-end customized Business Intelligence solutions and services, to convert your bulk of data into real-time, analysed and intelligent information with its skilled and talented team. Our Data Visualization and Analysis services give a thrust to your business effectiveness and encourage you to relive your prevailing data with a state-of-the-art perception.

How does it benefit us

Business Intelligence helps one to outsmart and out-deliver competitors, while proactively addressing customer needs. The major benefits that business intelligence provides are directly derived from the purpose it serves in the modern business scenario.

Business Intelligence helps in:

  • Accelerating Decision-Making Process
  • Optimising Internal Business Processes
  • Increasing the Operational Efficiency
  • Driving Revenue
  • Gaining Competitive Advantages
  • Identifying the Market Trends
  • Spotting Addressable Business Problems


There are many reasons why organizations adopt Business Intelligence and Tools, and many ways these solutions are put to work to benefit the organization. All projects, however, have the common goal to use Business Intelligence software to turn data into insights and action.

As the primary competitive advantage business intelligence should deliver an increase in the understanding of the forces shaping markets and businesses, and help companies to act on that knowledge.

Business Intelligence serves for a business helping the corporate executives, business managers, and other operational heads take better data-driven business decisions. It is also used for cost-cutting, identifying better business opportunities, and spotting inefficient business processes.

  • Better Productivity: With a successful business intelligence implementation, businesses can provide better customer service, using salespeople’s selling time more productively. Business owners can get rid of bottlenecks, refine their business process, automate their daily tasks, etc.

  • Smarter Decision-Making Process: Being a business owner or at the managerial level having a form grip on your organizational data is important. BI is to get your organizational information structured and analysable. It enables businesses in strategic decision-making.

Better ROI

Return on investments is the priority of every business because that way they can quickly start focusing on generating extra revenue and expansion. BI tend to help business in improving their daily Sales efficiency, Customer Experience, Productivity, etc.

Planning a Better Future for the Business

Investment on better business intelligence software and equally skilled professionals for handling these tools allow businesses to boost their ability to anticipate the market trend and consumer buying traits.

Improved Customer service

It’s all about providing world class customer experience to your customer base. Your business will thrive or bite the dust depending on the level of customer satisfaction level. Making an impression on your customers makes sure that they return to make more purchases from you in the future.