At FinsQ Tech, we help organizations to integrate Automated Expense Management that will save your company many unproductive hours, yield an ROI of up to 500%.

case Studies

Now your Business is just a click away! Akounter provides you with a complete Business Solution which works online, So save yourself the clutter for carrying the laptop everywhere. Akounter is a product that records and processes accounting transactions and allows you to manage your customers and invoices, all at one place.

Sept 04, 2019

Inventory is an Accounting term that refers to goods that are in various stages of being made ready for sale. We created an inventory website, which would help your customer to keep a track of when will they receive their ordered item. Here you need to update the current stage at which the item have reached such as Packing Stage, Shipped, Out for delivery, etc. Now just like the Big Business tycoon you can also have your own CRM for the betterment of your business.

Sept 04, 2019

It's a big hitch for the schools and universities to manage the data of students and convey information to them. Currently majority of them maintain data over an excel sheet and convey messages by sending bulk of mails. To conquer that we developed a Student Management System which is a website that works on local server of the organization. Where one have to just login to see his/her details.

Sept 04, 2019


An ERP software helps your business ensure numerous benefits, the first being automation. Check out the other advantages, apart from it, below:

  • Streamlined Processes
  • Reduced Costs & Risks
  • Enhanced Business Visibility
  • Quality Analysis & Reporting
  • Industry & Regulatory Compliance
  • Improved productivity & efficiency


On Premise

A conventional ERP software, conversely on-premises ERP, has a database that remains on an onsite server and hardware. It is maintained by the IT staff of the business which has got it completed.


A Cloud ERP is implemented as a service and hosted on vendor’s servers. In this instance, the software including its data is conducted centrally at a remote datacenter (internet "cloud") by the ERP vendor and accessed by customers through a Web browser.


A composite ERP solution is the sequence of the two ERP – on-premise & cloud. By opting for a hybrid ERP, a corporation can adopt cloud applications while including retaining its on-site ERP resources. Greater mobility, ease of installation and external support are some of the advantages that make businesses go for hybrid ERP.

ERP isn’t just for global enterprises. At FinsQ Tech, we grant ERP solutions for companies of all sizes. Most businesses commence out using a variety of simplistic, standalone tools to conduct different processes – such as QuickBooks or Excel Spreadsheets.


An ERP system saves time and resources by automating manual business tasks and processes to promote productivity and improve efficiency. 82 percent* companies that implemented an ERP solution improved either key or all business processes post-implementation.


Uniform and streamlined business processes reduce operational and management costs while improved data integrity and financial control reduce risks.


An ERP software allows business managers to use interconnected dashboards to quickly analyze & report, thus facilitating informed and accurate decision making.